On 15 and 16 September 2018, the Élysée Palace is opening its doors as usual for the annual European Heritage Days. However, this year is very special as we are celebrating the 300th anniversary of the construction of the Hôtel d’Évreux.
This anniversary allows us to continue to reinvent this palace, which has been a witness to the history of France and played a role in shaping it. It is also an opportunity for you to discover the Élysée Palace in a fresh and unexpected way. View our new tours (and register now!)

Step into the Élysée Palace

This year, in addition to the classic tour open to all, the Élysée Palace is introducing one innovative themed tour for visitors who register in advance.

The Public tour

As in previous years, discover the Élysée Palace’s iconic spaces: the President’s office, the Reception Hall which plays host to functions and state banquets, the Ceremonial Courtyard where the President greets visiting heads of state (and the triumphant French football team!), and also the gardens.
This tour is open to all, without prior registration, on a first come, first served basis.

Entrance via the gardens (Grille du coq, Avenue Gabriel):
Silver Room, Paulin Room, Library, Fern Room, Map Room, Hall, Palier des Huissiers (antechamber to the President’s office), Waiting Room, Gilded Room, Green Room, Napoleon III Room, winter garden, Reception Hall, terrace, Ambassadors’ Room, Aides-de-Camp Room, Murat Room, Tapestry Room, and Hall of Honour.
Exit via the Ceremonial Courtyard.

The Élysée Palace Experts tour

Some 800 people work at the Élysée Palace on a daily basis. It is like a small town nestling in the heart of the city, and all the different professions make their contribution to the reputation for excellence which is the hallmark of this establishment. This tour will take you behind the scenes at the Élysée Palace via three iconic locations: the kitchens, the cellars and the floristry workshop.
Prior registration is obligatory for this tour.

Entrance via the west courtyard (opposite 23 Avenue de Marigny).
This tour does not link up with the classic tour and therefore does not include the President’s office or the Reception Hall. The layout of the building means that this tour is unfortunately not accessible to visitors with reduced mobility.

Photography exhibitions

View the Élysée Palace through the lens of its photographers. Two photographic exhibitions will be hosted to mark the European Heritage Days 2018 event.

In the gardens, photographers from the Press Liaison Committee (the association of the main photographic agencies who record the French President’s activities) will exhibit work on the theme “Perspectives on the Élysée Palace”. There will be an opportunity to vote in the gardens and the most popular photo will be awarded the People’s Prize.

In the Ceremonial Courtyard, you can view work by the four French presidential photographers.

Discover the traditional craft skills associated with stone carving, glassmaking, passementerie, porcelain making, and gilding at the various stands organised by the French National Crafts Institute in the gardens and Reception Hall.


Doors open at 8am and close at 6pm.

For the public tour without pre-registration :

  • Access via the Place de la Concorde end of Avenue Gabriel, on a first come, first served basis.
  • Access via the intersection of Avenue de Marigny and Avenue des Champs-Élysées for visitors with reduced mobility.
  • Public transport: M1 M8 M12 Concorde - M1 M13 Champs-Élysées - Clemenceau.
  • Please come prepared for a lengthy wait.

For the themed tour (Élysée Palace Experts tours):

  • Pre-registration is obligatory.
  • Access via the intersection of Avenue Matignon and Avenue Gabriel.
  • Public transport: M1 M9 Franklin D. Roosevelt - M9 M13 Miromesnil
  • The “Experts” tour is not accessible to visitors with reduced mobility and does not connect with the public tour.

Security information :

  • Any item considered dangerous will not be admitted to the Élysée Palace.
  • There are no cloakroom facilities for prohibited items.
  • Animals are not admitted, with the exception of assistance dogs.